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About Us


Vigan Solutions is your strategic Outsourcing Partner, amplifying business efficiency across multiple industries.

Our tailored solutions empower companies in E-Commerce, Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics, Education, Global Business Services, Food, and Delivery.

  • Expertise: Years of experience in providing high-quality outsourcing solutions.
  • Diverse Services: Customized services catered to suit various industry needs.
  • Youthful Innovation: Harnessing the energy and creativity of the youth for practical solutions.
  • Problem-solving Approach: Seeing challenges as opportunities to offer unique solutions.

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What We Aspire

How we plan to get there

  • Human Empowerment

    Trusting and nurturing the human potential while acknowledging it as our most treasured talent paves the road to a healthy company mindset.

  • Values in Action

    Persisting on our core values, such as resilience, innovation, customer loyalty, integrity supports the growth of this mentality from company- centered to culturally accepted.

Meet Our Team

Ersenilda Elezi has over 14 years of experience as a specialist in Human Resources in international companies and corporates, such as XL World, Xerox.

Currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors at ABSL Association of Business Service Leaders, ABSL Albania, Board Member at Vigàn Group and HR Expert.

Ms. Elezi strongly lobbies for workforce qualifications, identification, awareness and presentation of BPO business services.

Ersenilda Elezi

Vigàn Solutions CEO & Co-Founder

Arjodita is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and developer, startup mentor, public speaker and co-author. She is the CEO and co-founder of Vigàn Group, a Holding company that invests in businesses and startups centering around providing services and solutions in the Business Services Industry. Since 2020, she is the President of ABLS Albania, representing Albanian businesses that operate in BPO, R&D, ITO and Shared Services. Arjodita has been contributing to the Business Services Industry for over 14 years, focusing mostly on Technology and Innovation.

Arjodita Mustali

Vigàn Solutions Co-Founder

Our Sales and Marketing Head is a dynamic leader with a diverse skill set. With experience in Business Development, Operations Management, and Online Marketing, she excels in fostering client relationships.

Her expertise includes Project Management, supported by specialized certifications such as EIPASS and ISO 9001.

She stands by her favorite phrase, "I believe in the strength of women: powerful, determined, and capable of overcoming any challenge with grit and grace."

Esmeralda Zekaj

Head of Sales and Marketing

Our Manager Partner and Operations Manager, brings extensive experience to the team. With a background in Finance and Accounting education, she offers profound financial insight. Arjola's leadership, honed as a team leader and assistant, drives our team's success.

She holds a degree from the University of Luigj Gurakuqi and various certifications, including Telemarketing and Employer Branding.

Her mantra, "Your only limit is your mind," reflects her dedication to excellence.

Arjola Lami

Manager Partner / Operation Manager

Our HR Manager brings two years of experience in Human Resources, coupled with a year-long tenure as Director of HR across multiple companies. Her expertise in fostering positive workplaces, implementing HR strategies, and ensuring compliance is invaluable.

 Her educational background includes a professional and bachelor's degree in Economics, along with training from an advanced Aesthetic Professional School.

Refiona's favorite phrase, "Success is not luck, it is work and will," reflects her determination.

Refiona Doci

HR Manager

Our Project Manager, entered the telemarketing field in 2009, gaining expertise in outbound and inbound campaigns. Leading our projects, he brings creativity and soft skills like empathy, adaptability, patience, and teamwork.

With an arts background from the Academy of Arts in Tirana, Kristjan is proficient in computer tools, managing information and devising marketing strategies effectively. His favorite expression, "Winning is not important, it is the only thing that matters," reflects his mindset.

Kristjan Gajtani

Project Manager

Our Content Writer, possesses a diverse background in writing and content creation, spanning from freelance work to roles such as Social Media Manager and Content Writer.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's in Governance and Public Policy from the University of Tirana. Her skill set includes adaptability, time management, problem-solving, and writing proficiency.

Xhensila's favorite phrase, "The sun rises every morning," symbolizes appreciating life's wonders.

Xhensila Bakollari

Content Writer

Our Marketing Specialist brings extensive experience from roles as a Support Specialist and Executive Assistant. Holding a degree in Business Administration and pursuing a Professional Master's in Digital Marketing, she also holds a Social Media Manager Certification from the Harry Fultz Institute.

Her skill set includes teamwork, communication, and digital platform management.

Nensi's motto: "The difference between what you are and what you want is what you do!

Nensi Tuxhari

Marketing Specialist

Our Team Leader, boasts six years of valuable contact-center experience, honing her skills in customer service and information technology.

She excels in soft skills such as communication and time management, complemented by technical expertise in database management.

Guided by her motto “Every day is a new opportunity to change our destiny. Setting clear goals and working hard are the ways to achieve success," she embodies resilience and determination.

Donisa Fermosi

Team Leader

Our Outdoor Meeting Representative, brings diverse experience from sales and customer service roles, demonstrating adaptability and leadership.

With Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English Literature and Studies, along with certifications in Lean Management and Digital Transformation, she excels in project management and public speaking.

Guided by the mantra, "Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts," she embodies resilience in her work.

Alesia Cekrezi

Outdoor Meeting Representative

Our Team Certifications Include

Showcasing Our Team’s Extensive Expertise through Industry-Recognized Certifications

EIPASS Certificate - IT Programs Training
P3P Certificate - Project Management
ISO 9001 Certificate
GDPR Certification
Operations Management Diploma
Wi-Fi Certificate in Business Management